I’ve been paying a sub for this wonderful place for ages and not actually using it. Hope everyone is well; we adopted another dog (Shane) a few weeks back. Leela has been wonderful with him.

Had a bit of a crisis of confidence with my writing of late, but received word that I’ve been longlisted for Searchlight’s ‘Best Children’s Bedtime Story’ competition - which has perked me right up. 📝

Trying to get some kind of routine going again for writing, running, gardening and - quite basically - anything apart from sitting down and watching ‘Judge Judy’ all day. Off for a run with this girl soon. 🏃🏻🐕

I’ve been teetotal for around seven years now. This is my first time trying this, and it really does taste like Guinness (though my mind may be playing tricks). 🍺

Still dipping my toe into Obsidian, may well go for a nice paddle next week. Although it still appears to be complicated, it still has my attention. 📝

I think I’m going to spend a few hours decluttering all the productivity apps I have on all my devices. I’ve had some eye-opening conversations on here recently and I’ve come to realise that I’m making life difficult for myself, with my notes and writings in too many places.

I sat on my reading glasses yesterday. Might be time for that bit of rope that keeps it around my neck at all times. #wonkyspecs🤓

The ‘Freedom Day’ footage of maskless people jammed shoulder to shoulder in clubs is absolutely terrifying. Britain is in for catastrophe over the coming months.

Obsidian mobile has been officially released. I was put off by how complicated it seems, but will try and dive in today.