@mbkriegh This is something else I’m wondering about, whether to try without a wristwatch. I live rurally, but will have my phone with me if need be.

@SimonWoods Yeah, I’m fairly convinced it’s more of an annoyance of late, even when exercising. I’m trying to get back into mindfulness and having this on my wrist, even with only a few notifications, seems to be doing the exact opposite.

@BenjaminHolsteen I’ve listened to the first few songs on the school run just now. It reminds me of recent Gary Numan, which in turn is strongly influenced by classic Depeche. Love the synths so far, but not massively enamoured with the tunes. I’ll listen to the rest later.

@maique I never thought I’d get to the stage where an Apple Watch was anything other than a love affair, but mine is starting to annoy me now. Might try a cheap regular watch and see how I get on. The Ultra does look lovely, but I just don’t have the money.

@BenjaminHolsteen I’m not a U2 fan at all, but this one intrigued me at the time (as a teen and a synth-pop fan). ‘Numb’ is such a brilliant track, I couldn’t believe it was a U2 song. I don’t actually think I’ve liked anything U2 have done since, but yeah this one is a beauty. Might have to revisit actually, haven’t listened to it since it was released.